They Call Him Longshot


"2006, the distant future. The world has been cast into a wasteland devoid of civilization. One man wanders the railroad tracks, the last standing marks of the old world, on the hunt for treasure with a stolen map... the same map warned not to follow by a mystical hobo and sought after by a Colonel, and a King... Who is this man with the deadliest aim in the wasteland?...They Call Him LONGSHOT!"


They Call Him Longshot was Cheap Thrills Films' second film following Stalwart Dosh (2015). A combination of the aesthetics of the post-apocalypse combined with the themes of classic Spaghetti Westerns we tried to create something I like to call "post a-PASTA-lyptic" ...get it? Anyway, in the winter of 2015 while all of us were home from college, we had fun experimenting with practical blood effects like squibs and my favorite shot of the bullet hole in The Colonel's hand. In the end, we created something really special for only shooting maybe for two weeks and with zero money behind it. The Damn Woods called it "Surprisingly watchable!" This was the first time someone other than my group of friends and family had watched one of my films and certainly the first time one was discussed! It absolutely blew me away that these guys who I had never interacted with before online reached out to me asking to talk about it on their show and the fact that they enjoyed it really put it in my head that maybe we are doing something worth doing out here. So big ups to the boys, thanks for inspiring a young filmmaker to keep pushing. 

"At no point during the movie did I go...I'm done with this..." 

"The Cannibal King legitimately freaked me out a little." 

"This is a surprisingly watchable kinda weird student-filmy...thing..." -TDW