A spaceman from 1953 on the hunt for The Andromeda Wormhole crash lands back on earth and finds himself caught in the middle of a mob dispute between the DeLeone Family Mafia, their hitman Lionel and the Russian Mob. 

LIONEL FRITZ (Joseph Groth) is tasked with finding who's killing prominent members of the DeLeone mafia all the while worried about his good friend JIMMY (Brian DiPirro) who seems to be falling head-over-heals in love with a woman he doesn't trust. With the unlikely help of COMMANDER JOE FORD (Joe Brittingham) together, they find who's really...THE INTRUDER! L'INTRUSO!


L'Intruso! was the ambitious third installment in the Cheap Thrills Films trilogy, our first ever feature film! (A full hour! Wow!) A crazy idea of a fish out of water story starring the energetic Joe Brittingham of Cannibal King fame (They Call Him Longshot) as the 1950s uber-americana astronaut Commander Joe Ford. The whole CTF gang of course shows up again as well. In this film I tried to emulate a sort of meandering 1960s style with visuals of the closed Ocean City Boardwalk in winter and corny practical effects of Commander Ford's spaceshift shooting through the wormhole. The big feat for this film was that very spaceship set. At my seasonal job working for Funland in Rehoboth Delaware, the family that ran the park was generous to give me access to old ride parts and machine bits which we used to build Ford's ship. The music was composed by the fantastic vaporwave artist Leisure Center, and the final product was premiered at an event hosted by the Ocean City Film Festival courtesy of BL Strang-Moya whom I would later collaberate with for the documentary Joe KroArt's World Center.